To create sustained growth, you have to deliver high value through great products and experiences. The first key to creating great products and experiences is a deep understanding of the jobs that people in your target market need done. We need to get into their minds and understand how they think about their problems—and extract that information.



Why do people buy?

How do people make the decision to buy in your industry? In the B2B world, it is usually not just one person, it is multiple people. The economic buyer is the only one who can say yes, but the other stakeholders can say no.

The reality is that each stakeholder has a job they are hiring your products and services to do, and discovering that job is the key to cracking the code on why people buy.

Understanding the Jobs to Be Done in an Enterprise Environment

Because so many different people and motivations are involved in an enterprise sale, it is important to capture the desires of each stakeholder. My process is designed to do just that.

Step 1: Identifying Goals

The process begins with us discussing your target customer and the  the progress you are trying to make. Do you want to increase the sale of a particular product? Understand what an as yet unreleased product needs to offer in order to capture market share? Understanding where you want to go will set the course of our research initiative.

Step 2: Quantitative Analysis

We will use your goals to understand where to begin analyzing trends and behaviors. This may involve quantitative research and analysis to uncover trends so that we can dive deeper with individual customer interviews to uncover the causal factors behind decisions.

Step 3: Customer Interviews

Once we have targeted the buying behavior that we want to understand, we will interview between 15-20 individuals. As we learn about the stakeholder dynamics, we will make sure that we include samples of the different stakeholders within the broader sample set.

Step 4: Synthesis

After completing all interviews, we will synthesize the data and identify the Jobs to Be Done.

Step 5: Documentation & Recommendations

Following synthesis, all findings will be documented along with my recommendations on how you and your team should proceed, and if I think I am a good fit, where I may be able to help.

What can you do with this information?

Everything. No, seriously. You can market to your audience using their language. You can develop your product targeted with pinpoint accuracy at solving your customer's problems.

Your customer service can anticipate needs before they are even voiced. In short, this information is the foundation for creating a fantastic customer experience.

Ready to get started?



We get into the minds of your target customer to crack the code on why they buy by understanding their Jobs to Be Done: the objective they have and the progress they are trying to make on it.

  • Quantitative Research & Analysis: Custom or third-party
  • Qualitative Research & Analysis: 15-20 interviews
  • Experience Guide
    • Job to Be Done Spec for each causal factor we identify.
    • Market forces
    • Customer Journeys
    • Product and CX Recommendations


2-3 Weeks


$15,000 - $30,000

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