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brand marketer.

Chasing Excellence

Over my 20+ years of work across several disciplines and a years-long obsession with cracking the code on buyer behavior, I've come to the conclusion that a deep understanding of the customer combined with a leading customer experience is the best strategy to dramatically increase revenue, have greater control over pricing, and secure premium brand positioning. My advisory work is designed to help you adopt and employ that strategy.

The strategy is paying dividends for those using it. Companies that excel at great CX grow their revenue 4%-8% above their markets. The ones who do it best earn 5.7x more revenue than their competitors.

But, you can't fake it. I'm on a mission to light hearts on fire with a passion for excellence. If all of that sounds good to you, let's chase excellence together.


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Speaking Events & SEMINARS

If you are looking for a speaker to talk about the importance of customer experience, the business case for pursuing CX excellence, or how CX design can transform your business, I may be a great fit for your audience.

  • The Five Forces of CX
  • World-Class CX as a Business Strategy
  • The Theory of Jobs to Be Done
  • Brand Development
  • Design Operations at Scale

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