Devin Smith UX Designer

Creating the Roger Milliken Center App

In order to give prospective customers and guests a way to preview and tour their grounds, Milliken asked our team to develop an iOS app that would serve as an interactive guide to their campus. Not only does it have a massive database of all of the sights to see on Milliken's 600-acre campus, but it is all geocoded to work with the app's built-in map. That means that while they are walking the grounds or on a guided tour, they can use the app to identify and find more info on whatever it is they’re spying—whether that is one of the 90 species of trees in the arboretum, or one of the many landmarks (each with its own back story) on the campus.

After brainstorming functionality with the crew, I sketched and wireframed the initial draft of the app's structure before handing it off to have the paint laid on it by the art director and allow the team to iterate features as needed.

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